Croissants, coffee and macarons for a great Parisian morning

Though I am a huge fan of world-renowned La Durée macarons, I have a personal preference for Pierre Hermé’s; they’re fluffier and the taste, no matter how extravagant the chosen flavour, will make your mind wander for a moment of discovery and pleasure at every bite.

Pierre Hermé could be described as a “designer” pâtisserie & chocolaterie (and his goods, though worth every penny, are priced accordingly). Notwithstanding, you ought to plan a visit and “splurge” for two very specific things: A few macarons and their unique raspberry filled croissants, which tend to fly off the shelf by 11am. You will find a variety of macaron “parfums” to choose from, the ones photographed here are white truffle, praline and raspberry-passion fruit.

Macarons, Pierre Hermé Paris

There are many locations in town, but I recommend walking over to the Saint Germain des Prés address at 72 rue Bonaparte, and crossing over with your pastry goods for a seat on Café de la Mairie’s terrace. This café, situated on rue des Canettes, faces the beautiful place Saint-Sulpice and is a great spot to enjoy a PBB (Parisian beverage break) at any time of the day. Accordingly, keep it at that and don’t have lunch or dinner there, for risk of spoiling the fun…

Enjoy a café crème alongside your croissant whilst admiring the view on the place’s water fountain and impressive church facade. Doing so on a weekday morning provides a great crowd free experience – and personally, I feel that much better about being on vacation when I get to sit around while others scramble to work… guilty pleasure.

If crowds don’t turn you off, get a taste of the posh Parisian life by dwelling in the neighbourhood on a Sunday afternoon.

A perfectly deluxe Parisian morning in Saint Germain Pierre Hermé's raspberry croissant taken from café terrace Le croissant aux framboises, Pierre Hermé Paris

When you’re all done, walk across la Place and head a few streets further for a stroll into Les Jardins du Luxembourg. If you’re alone and weather permits, this is a perfect book or magazine reading opportunity (and there’s a newsstand conveniently positioned right next to La Place if you’re last minute about it). This is one of my preferred places on the weekend – children play with little sailboats by pushing them across the pond and families unite for a last moment of peace before jumping back into the weekly grind. Take a seat on one of the many chairs around the garden’s central pond and enjoy a good moment of relaxation.

This Photo captures the great atmosphere of the parc on a sunny day. Photo credit to Dinkum via Wikimedia commons.
Bateaux du Jardin du Luxembourg

This photo is courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law’s repertoire from their latest Parisan visit.

Jardins du Luxembourg, Paris


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