Burgers in Paris: Le camion qui fume

As anyone who has visited this wonderful city knows, Paris has inexplicable issues when it comes to making good hamburgers. I’m telling you, at times, a good burger in Paris seems impossible to come by. You’ll be lured in, tempted and, more often than not, cheated by many burger announcements, seeing as they’re popular here too. In addition, if being no more than a dry-pattied sandwich deception wasn’t enough, most burgers will cost you around 15 euros (!?).

Le camion qui fume, Paris

Hence all the rage about Le camion qui fume – a hip Parisian food truck that finally offers Parisians a proper burger fix: a juicy, messy, finger licking, fat-pattied, fresh-bunned burger. It’s like the Nebraska State Fair showed up in a hip Parisian neighbourhood and left its burger stand. I won’t repeat what others have already said about the food truck (see related links below), though you’ll have guessed that it’s an American who saw a good business opportunity and started it. Curiosity got the best of me – so my date and I set out for the food truck last night. To our delight, we weren’t disappointed.

Le camion qui fume, Paris, in action

After much deliberation, I set my heart on the BBQ burger – and my date took Le Burger au Bleu. My BBQ burger was dressed with a fried onion ring, enough sauce to please even my heaviest cravings, cheesiness and bacon. My date’s burger had a solid chunk of blue cheese of the type that would be in the fancy cheese section at a North American supermarket (or probably unavailable), and he loved it.

Le camion qui fume, Paris, BBQ Burger

I would, and most definitely will, go back. What’s more, you can now grace yourself and/or your Euro friends with the gift that keeps on giving: The camion qui fume’s new cook-book! It’s not too expensive, and has really nice food styling & photography, in addition to good American favourites like lobster rolls.

Burgers du Camion Qui Fume By Kristin Frederick 144 pp. Tana Editions 20 €

A burger: 8 euros

A burger and fries: 10 euros

The truck changes spots every day and makes good use of social media, so check out their website to find out their location or follow them on twitter @LeCamionQuiFume

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