Finger food – how jambon de parme and mozzarella meet

This is an interpretation of Jamie Oliver’s sexiest salad. I got initiated to this recipe by my food loving friend Lisa-Marie who used a bunch of ripe strawberries instead of figs. 

Confession: Since my introduction to this salad (last week) I’ve made it for myself at different occasions three times. Its finger licking good. Literally.


  • About 10-15 slices of Jambon de parme ( Parma ham: a variety of proscuitto that is less aged than others). I prefer it to the saltier and drier aged prosciutto for this salad.
  • A little crate of ripe strawberries
  • Mozzarella di buffala (it is a little pricy, but worth every penny) or if you want to make sure your guests – or your date – come back, you can exaggerate and replace the mozzarella for burrata cheese.
  • 3 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoons of honey
  • 6 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Ground pepper and sea salt


Cut your strawberries in half or in quarters depending on size. Dispose on a nice service plate.

Place your slices of ham throughout the strawberries. Take your mozzarella (or your buratta if you went all-out) and gently tear it into bite size pieces with your fingers and dispose atop your strawberries and ham.

Prepare your dressing by combining honey, lemon, ground pepper and seal salt. The whisk olive oil into the mix. Pour the dressing loosely over the salad and serve.

Tadah! Indulge and eat with your fingers!


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