Home made lemonade

Its hot, and sometimes drinking water gets old. Not that I’m a purist, but I’m no fan of most ready made drinks that are loaded with enough sugar to kill a bear (to the exception of a really cold Coca-cola in a glass bottle – about a handful of times a year).

For anyone who is like me, or on a budget, no use spending 4 dollars for fancy drinks when lemons are cheap and water is free!

Here is my take on lemonade for a 2,2L pot. Enjoy!


  • 6 – 8 lemons (I had an odd lime left in the fridge, so I threw it in too)
  • 3 – 4 tablespoons of granulated sugar


Halve the lemons and squeeze their juice into your pot. I don’t bother with the pits since there is a filter on my pot. If yours doesn’t have that you may want to discard any pits.

Add the sugar and mix lemon juice & sugar with a wooden spoon. Make about a dozen slices with the remainder of squeezed lemon halves and throw them in the pot.

Add water to fill the pot, mix well with your spoon and refrigerate. Adjust recipe to taste.


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Aspiring food writer, serious traveler, media enthusiast and communications specialist from Montréal, Canada. www.facebook.com/LavoiealaBouche Follow me on twitter @aalavoie

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