Hidden spot – Bistro Olivieri

By far one of my favorite spots for lunch in Montreal – Bistro Olivieri.

This charming bistro is many things. It is a hidden nook at the end of a great independent book store. It is a place where service is always as you need it –  non intrusive, quick, polite and professional.  The food is succulent – french bistro “à la Québécoise” featuring great products and french classics with a terroir twist. And the best part is by far la terrasse.

While it is well suited for a good business lunch, as many require on a week day, I feel that this enchanting spot rather inspires a lingering noon to 3pm lunch with an old friend. Order a refreshing Chablis and you’re all set.

The terrace is covered with vines and makes for a perfect escape in time – sort of like being thrown to Alice in wonderland under the tree, perhaps. Also, the gorgeous string of lights hung through the vines reminds one of Tuscan-like dinner settings where a group of friends enjoy wine and good food in an idyllic setting.

On my last visit, I ordered an excellent lobster salad which was perfectly balanced with some bitter and crunchy endive and paired with a good lot of spicy and chivy mayonnaise lobster. My main was a warm goat cheese salad – predictable but well executed, the dish consisted of a hearty portion of phillo paste covered goat cheese on a bed of fresh lettuce covered in a sweet and tangy vinaigrette.

Bistro Olivieri – 5219 Chemin de la Côte-des-neiges, Montreal, H3T 1Y1 – 514 739 3639

Open every day for lunch and week nights for dinner.


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